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Links to essays on the political visual culture of the Arab world
various authors and sources



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Visual culture of the Arab uprisings


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Sois Belle et Vote: A Failed Reconciliation of Beauty and Politics
In April 2009, the Free Patriotic Movement issued the campaign "Sois Belle et Vote", as part of its broader electoral campaign under the title of "Change and Reform". read more
By Anetta Bou Saleh
Signs of Conflict 2012*
Tariq al Jdide: Alternative Model of Political Propaganda
The 2009 elections in Lebanon created a platform for the creation of countless political campaigns. The conflict between the different political parties shifted from physical confrontations to a visual battle of billboards. The discourse of each political party was made apparent through these political campaigns as each one of them strived to consolidate their ideology. Tayyar El Mustaqbal (Future Movement) is a telling example since it is a relatively new political party and is now striving to define and propagate its ideals. read more
By Marwa Boukarim and Marwan Kaabour
Signs of Conflict 2012*
Messages From the Enemy: A Semiotic Analysis
Throughout the course of the 33-day Hezbollah-Israeli war, thousands of aerial leaflets were disseminated in an attempt to influence Lebanese sentiment and hopefully behavior––a classic psychological operation. (PSYOP). The following case-study approach attempts to further investigate the relationship between a communicator, a receiver, and the communicated in a war situation. The objective of deciphering the level of participation of each party aims at understanding the politics of the new scenario. read more
By Douaa Sheet and Rania Mneimneh
Signs of Conflict 2012*
Off The Wall
By Zeina Maasri

Foreword by Fawwaz Traboulsi

204 pages (including 64 colored)

Visual Culture in the Modern Middle East
By Christiane Gruber and Sune Haugbolle (editors)
376 pages, 22 color illus., 79 b&w illus.
Image Politics in the Middle East
By Lina Khatib

288 pages

Arabic Graffiti
By Pascal Zoghbi and Stone aka Don Karl (eds.)
200 full color pages
Ambiguities of Domination
By Lisa Wedeen

251 pages | 9 halftones, 19 line drawings